The History of Cassepedro

The company Cassepedro – Cooperativa Agro-Pecuária de S. Pedro do Sul, C.R.L. was incorporated on February 19, 1981, after the extinction of the Grémio da Lavoura of S. Pedro do Sul (agricultural association), created in 1944 with the goal of organizing farming and supporting the municipality's farmers. With the Revolution of April 25, 1974, the Grémio da Lavoura came to an end, being extinguished by the Revolutionary Council. In accordance with the proposal of the liquidation committee of the Grémio da Lavoura of São Pedro do Sul and after listening to the Coordinating Committee for the extinction of the Grémios da Lavoura and Their Federations, all assets, rights and obligations of the extinct Grémio were transferred to Cassepedro, thus remaining with the responsibility to guarantee the continuity of all the services provided by the Grémio to its members. Two employees have also been transferred and joined Cassepedro's permanent staff.

Founding Partners