About Cassepedro

As provided for in the Memorandum of Association of Cassepedro – Cooperativa AgroPecuária de S. Pedro do Sul, C.R.L., the company is a multipurpose agricultural cooperative, covering the areas of activity in the agricultural sector within the scope of its corporate purpose, such as: acquiring, equipment, animals and services to provide the members of the cooperative with the products necessary for their agricultural, livestock or forestry activities; promoting the placement on consumer markets of the cooperative members' products resulting from their agricultural, livestock and forestry activities; proceeding with the acquisition of agricultural machinery and farm implements to rent to cooperative members, and other activities necessary or suitable to meet the cooperative members' needs, upon prior approval at the general meeting.


Cassepedro – Cooperativa Agro-Pecuária de S. Pedro do Sul, C.R.L. celebrated on February 19, 2021 forty years of activity. The whole history of Cassepedro and its contribution to the region in terms of agriculture, livestock and forestry are reasons to be proud of, as well as its growing membership, which currently comprises more than three thousand members in the region of Lafões, predominantly in the municipality of São Pedro do Sul.

Over time, the improvement of the assistance provided to members has been a constant due to the persistent efforts to adapt the provision of services to the constraints and changes inherent to evolution. Two concrete examples that stand out are the construction of a warehouse in the Industrial Area of Bordonhos and the acquisition of its own facilities in the place of Negrosa.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I hope that the years to come will be prosperous and that this Institution will always have its doors open to receive, counsel and help our cooperative members in order to support the strengthening/development of the primary sector in São Pedro do Sul.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors
Cristiano De Paiva Páscoa

Corporate Bodies of CASSEPEDRO C.R.L. - Quadrennium of 2021/2024

General Meeting


António Lopes Ribeiro; partner no. 291


José Luís Gaspar de Campos; partner no. 1273

Board of Directors


Cristiano Manuel de Paiva Páscoa; partner no. 2038


Rita Cristina Jesus Rodrigues; partner no. 10002741


Luciano Martins de Figueiredo; partner no. 163

Supervisory Board


António Celso Abreu Figueiral; partner no. 703


Arménio Martins Pascoal; partner no. 2965

Manuel de Almeida Carvalho; partner no. 2996